Bulk Billed CT Scan Services Adelaide


What is a CT Scan

CT stands for Computed Tomography, also referred to as a CAT scan.

A CT scan is used to acquire detailed cross-sectional images of a specific body part.

How long will it take?

A CT examination normally takes between 10-30 minutes.

Some examinations may require prior preparation. We may request you to arrive 60 minutes before your examination.


You should arrive 10 minutes before the appointment to complete any necessary paperwork.

Most CT scans do not require any specific preparation.

For some scans, such as those requiring a contrast injection, you may be required to fast before the appointment. This will be confirmed at the time of the booking alongside any other specific instructions.

Prior to scanning, you will be asked to remove any jewellery, eye-wear or metallic accessories as these can interfere with the images. You may also be asked to wear a gown.

Contrast Injection

We frequently use contrast agents or contrast media in order to thoroughly examine the requested body part. The contrast agent highlights organs, blood vessels and tissues to further help the interpretation of images.


At Healthcare Imaging Services, we offer a bulk billing service if you have a medicare card.


All cases are reported within 24 hours. If the examination is urgent, we will process the results within 2 hours to be made available to the referring doctor.

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