Bulk Billed Dental X-ray Services Adelaide

Dental X-ray

OPG (Orthopantomogram) and Lat Ceph (Lateral Cephalogram) are specialised X-rays of the teeth and jaw.

An OPG is a panoramic X-ray of the teeth. This involves a specialized machine that rotates around the head.

A Lat Ceph is a side-on X-ray of the facial structure.

How long will it take?

An OPG or Lat Ceph will usually take between 5-10 minutes.


This procedure does not require any preparation.


At Healthcare Imaging Services, we offer a bulk billing service if you have a medicare card. 


All cases are reported within 24 hours. If the examination is urgent, we will process the results within 2 hours to be made available to the referring doctor.

Printed X-rays may be provided to the patient only on request of the referring practitioner.

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