All services are bulk billed

As part of our affordability model we ensure that all medical imaging provided by us are free of charge to the patients and bulk billed to Medicare provided a valid Medicare card and referral is provided. This means that there is no out of pocket cost to our patients making us one of the leading providers in quality bulk billed medical imaging in Adelaide.

Is there a charge for my medical imaging?

No charge for all medical imaging as it is bulk billed to Medicare with no out of pocket costs.

Provided you have a valid referral and Medicare card, your medical imaging with us will be free.

Are there any exceptions or conditions to getting bulk billed?

The only condition is having a valid Medicare card. The costs of your medical imaging will then be covered under the Medicare benefit scheme (MBS) allowing for your medical imaging to be bulk billed.

How do I get my scan bulk billed?

All patients with a valid Medicare card will have all the diagnostic imaging with Healthcare Imaging Services bulk billed.

Do you accept any referrals?

All referrals are accepted.

Accessible imaging

In addition to our convenient bulked billed imaging locations throughout Adelaide, we have also implemented a reliable infrastructure that allows for quick appointment availability, swift report turnaround times and easily accessible images and reports for our referrers. This is done through our online access portal that can be accessed on any computer or smart device by any referring GP. For more information, please click here.

How soon can I get an appointment?

We offer same day appointments for most imaging.

We offer a walk in service for all x-rays and most CT scans.

We also offer same day appointments for ultrasound scans. However, appointments are highly recommended.

Industry unique storage of your imaging

In addition to your referrers having digital access to your images, we offer a USB storage solution for your image history.

Digital copies of images can be saved to a dedicated Healthcare Imaging Services USB card that patients can keep for their records.

Card is thin and fits in your wallet like a credit card.

Has centre information for convenience.

Better storage of your imaging history & more eco-friendly.

Accessible operating hours

Monday – Friday – 8am-5pm – All sites

Saturday – 9am-4pm Norwood & Marion and 9am-1pm Elizabeth

Sunday – 10am-2pm Elizabeth

Fast report turn around

Our team of radiologists deliver results within 24 hours for all imaging.

Urgent reports are completed between 1-2 hours.

Verbal reports by radiologists can be made by request.

Convenient locations

Five convenient locations throughout Adelaide:

Central – Norwood – 201-203 The Parade, NORWOOD

North – Elizabeth – 30 Philip Highway, ELIZABETH

East – Modbury – 926 North East Road, MODBURY

South – Marion – 453 Morphett Road, OAKLANDS PARK

West – Royal Park – 1201-1210 Old Port Road, ROYAL PARK

Country mobile ultrasound

To further build on our vision of accessibility we have begun a mobile ultrasound service to country South Australia.

We offer this service to Mannum, Gumeracha and Strathalbyn with the potential to reach other rural areas.

We continue to provide bulk billed imaging to our patients who utilise this service to better support those communities and ensure they get access to quality and affordable medical imaging.

Quality imaging

Our strong focus on quality has allowed us to assemble a team who are highly skilled and have a wealth of experience within medical imaging. Combined with our investment in the latest in imaging technology such as low dose Computed Tomography (CT) and highly advanced x-ray and ultrasound equipment, we are able to provide our patients and referrers the highest quality imaging results possible to better complement our bulk billed radiology practices.

Low radiation procedures

An emphasis on the safety and well-being of our patients has driven us to invest in the best CT, X-ray and ultrasound technology.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team to provide efficient and accurate imaging.

Industry expert radiologist

Our team of dedicated radiologists are expert diagnosticians who have extensive experience in radiology.

They are friendly and approachable and welcome all radiological discussions with referring physicians and specialists.

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