Proudly Supporting Red Nose

At Healthcare Imaging Services we pride ourselves on supporting our patients with a caring and compassionate obstetric service. As a result, we have a special attachment to red nose and we proudly support them in their efforts in fighting sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and still births.

About Red Nose

Red Nose is an Australian charity that supports families who have unfortunately experienced the loss of a child. They also lead the fight in saving little lives by proactively participating in world class research. In addition, they provide support through life saving safe sleep and safe pregnancy information for parents to help reduce the risk of SIDS; as well as essential bereavement services for parents who have suffered loss.

Healthcare Imaging Support

USB initiative

At Healthcare Imaging Services we have developed an unique, reusable and environmentally friendly personal patient image storage solution. As an alternative to carrying around and storing large x-ray films, we are now offering all your images to be stored on a personal USB card. These cards can be reused to store all imaging you have with us at Healthcare Imaging Services and work on all computing devices with an USB port. The cards have a one off cost of $5 with 100% of that money going to support The Red Nose charity.

builk billed radiology red nose support
builk billed radiology red nose support

Community site support

At each of our practices we have collection tins available for staff, patients and referrers to contribute to our support of Red Nose. In addition, occasional Healthcare Imaging Services will host staff social events that have elements of fundraising for Red Nose Australia.