Radiology Services
for our Referrers

Healthcare Imaging Services

At Healthcare Imaging Services, we strive to provide our referrers with convenient access to their patient’s results to ensure an easy workflow. As a result we have invested in a reliable PACS infrastructure and have a dedicated support team readily available to help troubleshoot any access issues to minimise disruption. We also have 5 convenient bulk billing locations in Adelaide, which are very easily accessible for your patients.

Report turn around

  • All reports will be delivered within 24hours and imaging patients would be advised at their appointment of that time frame for them to coordinate their follow up appointment.
  • Urgent results – can be received within 1-2hours. Please mark on referrals ‘urgent results’ if this is required.
  • Ring results – should you require immediate results for any clinical reason, please indicate this on the referral and a radiologist can call you with the results once the exam is completed.


Easy access – powered by intele

  • Our results are delivered by the inteleviewer and inteleconnect system which can be found at all major hospital and medical centres.
  • Intele system allows:
    • Connecting you to your patients in real-time, improved quality control, faster report turnaround times.
    • Clarity that provides you all the details for greater visibility into your patient’s medical records.
    • Technology that works for you so you can focus on your patient.
    • A suite of tools to help manage your patient’s care.
    • Patient centric coordinated care and collaboration among a wide array of care providers.


  • Web based access to your patient’s images and reports.
  • Can be accessed on any computer or smart device.
  • InteleConnect User Guide:


  • If you have the program installed on a PC you can bookmark our server to gain swift access to your patients.
  • This will allow full access to the inteleviewer tools when viewing your patient’s images.
  • InteleViewer User Guide:
  • InteleViewer – Setting up a bookmark guide:

Access support

For account access and assistance please contact our Medical Liaison Officers:

Kim Baker

0466 453 061

Ashlyn Seal

0402 898 727